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Your Cards4Heroes Account, Wish Lists, and Product Reviews

Your Cards4Heroes Account

Open an account any time, including during the ordering process itself. An account is not required to place an order, however. Opening an account allows you to:

View all of your prior orders and follow the status of recent orders.
Manage multiple addresses in your own address book.
Update your account information.
Change your email address.
Change your password.
Create multiple Wish Lists to save products you like.
Redeem Gift Certificates. (Not available at this time.)
Manage Account Balances. (Not available at this time.)
For your security, credit card information is not retained as part of your account.

Your Login name and Password are set by you when you first create an account. You will also set the email address to which you'd like your password to be sent if you ever forget your password. Please make a note of both your login name and password when you create your account and keep it in a safe place.

Edit the details of your account any time by clicking on My Account in the top right corner of any shopping page.

Wish Lists

You Can Create Multiple Wish Lists to store products you'd like to buy in the future. You must have an account to create a Wish List. All product pages now have an "Add to Wish List" button. Just click the button to add the item to one of your wish lists. We suggest you login to your account first and create a name for your wish list prior to adding products to it.

To view your Wish List, just sign into your account and click on the "View Wish List" button.

Please feel free to use the comment box of your wish list to make notes to yourself about the products you've saved. But please don't use this feature as a means of asking us a question as the wish lists are not monitored.

Customer Reviews of Products

Our customers routinely send us wonderful comments about our cards and other products and services. So, we added a Customer Reviews feature!

Any customer may write a Customer Review of any product and give it a rating. If you are signed into your account, some fields will pre-populate for you. Near the bottom of the product page, just click on the link "Write an online review" and fill in the form! You may rate a product with 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best. You can also give your review a title. After you are finished, click the button "Submit Review" to submit it.

Reviews usually will be added within one to two business days. We do not add reviews that contain obscenities, spam posts and links, or comments derogatory or abusive toward those who serve in the military. Such submissions will be disapproved.