Stained Glass Blue Star Service Flag - 2 Blue Stars

Stained Glass Blue Star Service Flag - 2 Blue Stars

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Product Description

This is a Service Flag made of beautiful stained glass. With the traditional white field surrounded by a red border, it has two blue stars to depict that two members of the family are serving during a time of conflict.

The construction of this stained glass piece is copper foiled with a rigid zinc border. It has a black patina. Solder is lead-based. Stars of blue glass (two on each side) are overlayed in order to be most aesthetically true to the traditional service flag.

This piece comes with a chain and suction cup for hanging it. Please hang carefully. You may wish to consider using screws to hang it securely (not included).

We stock this item in limited quantities. Re-stocking generally takes approximately two weeks.

A 1-Star Stained Glass Service Flag is also available.

We suggest that this piece of stained glass be treated just like the traditional Service Flag made of fabric (usually felt). So, when purchasing a Service Flag, please respect the following regulations: Department of Defense regulations authorize the following family members of a servicemember to display a Service Flag in a residential window for the duration of a war or hostilities: wife, husband, mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, half-brothers, half-sisters, foster parents in loco parentis, and parents or children through adoption. For the Service Flag to be displayed by a family member it is not necessary that the servicemember be stationed overseas or deployed to the theater of hostilities. All active-duty members of the United States Armed Forces participate in the defense of our Nation regardless of their duty station. Accordingly, their family may display the Service Flag.
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