The Cards4Heroes Story

How did Cards4Heroes get started?

It was simple, really. Shortly after the start of the war on terrorism, my husband and I supported troops by sending them care packages, greeting cards, and letters. In fact, in less than a year, we had sent hundreds of cards, scores of packages, and countless letters and emails. I liked sending cards best, and often added cards or stationery to our care packages so that the soldier, marine, sailor, or airman could have nice cards to send back home to family and friends.

But, I could never find patriotic greeting cards at local stores, much less greeting cards with military themes. Certainly, there were no cards that thanked military spouses or parents for their role. I could not find any cards that expressed the kind of gratitude we felt toward the military men and women who work so hard and sacrifice so much to protect our Country. So, I decided to have custom cards made.

One thing led to another. Eventually, I realized that if I cannot find appropriate cards, other people cannot find them either. That's when I embarked on this adventure of starting a company that would design the kinds of cards I could never find but wanted to send to the men and women serving our Country, veterans, and their families.

And, thus,, LLC was born in May of 2005.