Lots of Ooorahs! - box set of 10 notecards

Lots of Ooorahs! - box set of 10 notecards

Product Code: MA200506x

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Type: Box set of 10 cards with 10 envelopes
Dimensions: Approx. 4.25" x 5.5" (folded)
Cover: The word "Ooorah" repeated over and over again
Inside Verse: Blank

Product Description

When one Ooorah just isn't enough, send lots of Ooorahs! This is a great card to send to your favorite Marine to celebrate an accomplishment, birthdays, promotions, just about anything that deserves an extra bit of celebration.

Ooorah is a Marine Corps thinga guttural utterance or exclamation that can be used for just about anything. It has been spelled in a number of ways: Ooorah, Oohrah, OohRah, OOOOOOOOOORAH, Errah, Errrrrrrrrrah, and many other variations. We offer a number of cards with the word spelled Ooorah but no longer carry cards spelled Errah.
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