Holiday List

Need the date of a holiday?

Check out our list of American holidays, including military holidays and other special dates that are particularly important to our American military. Need a card or gift for that special patriot? Shop for Holiday Cards or Gifts. We have cards and gifts for virtually every holiday - and all have patriotic or military themes!

Holidays in January:

New Year's Day: January 1

Stephen Foster Memorial Day: January 13

Martin Luther King Day: third Monday in January

Holidays in February:

Freedom Day: February 1

Valentine's Day: February 14

President's Day: third Monday in February

Holidays in March:

K9 Veterans Day: March 13

St. Patrick's Day: March 17

Medal of Honor Day: March 25

Holidays in April:

April is the Month of the Military Child!

April Fool's Day: April 1

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday: April 13

Army Reserves Birthday: April 23

Holidays in May:

May is National Military Appreciation Month!

Silver Star Day: May 1 (in some states)

Loyalty Day: May 1

Law Day: May 1

National Day of Prayer: first Thursday in May

V-E Day: May 9

Military Spouse Day: second Friday in May

Mother's Day: second Sunday in May

Peace Officers Memorial Day: May 15

Police Week: the week including May 15

Defense Transportation Day: third Friday in May

(Transportation Week is the week including the third Friday in May)

Armed Forces Day: third Saturday in May

Maritime Day: May 22

Memorial Day: last Monday in May

The Month of May is also Steelmark Month.

Holidays in June:

Flag Day: June 14

National Flag Week: the week including June 14

U.S. Army Birthday: June 14

Honor America Days: June 14 through July 4

Father's Day: third Sunday in June

Holidays in July:

Independence Day: July 4

(National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day was declared for July 27, but is not always proclaimed by every President)

Parents' Day: fourth Sunday in July

Holidays in August:

U.S. Coast Guard Birthday: August 4

V-J Day: August 14

National Aviation Day: August 19

Holidays in September:

Labor Day: first Monday in September

Grandparent's Day: first Sunday after Labor Day

Patriot Day: September 11

Constitution Week: September 17-23

Constitution Day: September 17

Citizenship Day: September 17

U.S. Air Force Birthday: September 18

POW/MIA Recognition Day: 3rd Friday in September

Gold Star Mother's Day: last Sunday in September

Holidays in October:

U.S. Navy Birthday: October 13

Columbus Day: second Monday in October

Sweetest Day: third Saturday in October

Halloween: October 31

Holidays in November:

November is National Military Family Month!

USMC Birthday: November 10

Veteran's Day: November 11

Thanksgiving: fourth Thursday in November

Holidays in December:

Pearl Harbor Day: December 7

U.S. National Guard Birthday: December 13

Wright Brothers Day: December 17

Christmas: December 25

Season's Greetings: the month of December

Don't forget to think of your servicemember's special personal days such as birthdays and anniversaries - and their Alive Day, if they have one!