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Customer Testimonials

Here's what other customers have to say about our products and service:

Received my order. I am overly impressed by the quality of the cards, the efficient shipment process and the exquisite presentation of the entire package. The quality of the card stock, artwork and printing was more than expected. The order itself was received expeditiously and what a delight to see the care in the package presentation. I commend your entire staff!
--Marvin S., Palm Desert, CA

I have a son currently serving in Afghanistan. I've been incredibly frustrated with the selection of greeting cards here in town - especially sympathy and support cards. Nothing fit for a soldier or his family. Wow was I happy to find your site. The cards are such great quality, really nice and less than half of the price of retail stores, yet geared for the military. I will be shopping here again. God bless you for filling a HUGE need!!! I've already shared your website with several friends!
--Kelly from Kansas, a Proud Army Mom

I just rec'd the (small) order of cards and a christmas ornament that I bought from your company. The order was beautifully packaged, and I want to thank you so much for how nicely it was wrapped. You have a very special company, and the people there obviously understand how important our servicepeople are to us. thank you so much.
--Robyn T., Land O' Lakes, WI

Today my order arrived via USPS parcel post; a stained glass blue star service flag. All packing materials were excellent--appropriate for such an item, the item itself was beautiful to behold, good quality--a pleasure to have received and such a value for the price, and finally, a plastic cup with a hook had been added w/o my knowledge and at no extra charge! This allowed me to immediately rest the banner on my window sill for support and the plastic suction cup hook held up the chain so that I could display the banner immediately until future efforts can be made (i.e. the husband home to fix it so it can hang from a more permanent metal hook). What wonderful "above and beyond the call of duty" customer service. Thank you Cards4Heroes!! So pleased to have done business with you. We will enjoy this banner greatly.
--Peggy H., Stafford, KS

Below is our first video submission! Krystel, of, reviewed our products as part of her blog's "Countdown to Christmas" extravaganza for Christmas 2010. We agreed to supply her a wide variety of products - both cards that we design and manufacture and gifts that we re-sell. We hope you like seeing a real person's perspective on our products. Cards4heroes had no role in Krystel's selection of items to discuss or her discussion of our products. Krystel agreed to donate all items we provided for her review to a local charity near her - in Hawaii! - when she completed her video review.

Thank you! I also want to thank you for making these wonderful cards available! I have a friend who went to Vietnam and, really, never came home. He is still very connected to his Vietnam service. When I send him these cards, he's thrilled! They're all beautiful and meaningful. The Memorial Day card for the Vietnam Veteran made him cry. It seemed to give him a chance to get some of his sadness out. What you do is very important. Thank you!
--Lois N., Arlington, TX

Thanks so much for the great customer service. Very few companies I’ve dealt with have gone out of the way to provide the service that you have provided us. In this day and age, it’s refreshing to deal with a company that treats its customers as valued customers, and not just an income source or a distraction to their day.
--Walter N., York, PA

Thank you so much for your prompt service and shipping , My wife was trilled with the stained glass service star banner , We have two boys in the Air Force and she loves having this to show it.
--Kerry B., Commerce, MI

The order has been received in Jalalabad, Afghanistan by Major K. F. as of 9/6/09. She was surprised and loved it. Karen sent us photos of the occasion of her promotion(9/2)and her early birthday (9/17). We could clearly see the oak leaf cluster on her uniform to signify Major along with her first email and signature block of her new rank. Thanks for your help in sending this. It was a special day for our daughter in a faraway place as she serves our country. I thought you might like to know the results and will attach 2 photos for you to view. Thank you again for your great service in processing this order. I am sure many soldiers around the world benefit and appreciate your work.
--Heather F., Hector, MN

I absolutely adore the snowman ornament! More than the snowman though the customer service you provided was outstanding. Thank you for providing such great service.
--Lori W., Colorado

I want to tell you and your co-workers how much I appreciate the exceptional work you did completing my recent order and getting it to me so quickly. The card was elegant and the Navy [Emblem] stained glass wind chimes are beautiful. Thank you for providing a website with such appropriate and inspirational merchandise for our men and women in the military. I've added your website to my "favorites" and will certainly recommend the site to everyone.
--Thelma T., Garnet Valley, PA

You guys are awesome!!!!! My Marine grandson just left monday for Iraq (his second trip) I love the extra goodies you sent. Thank-you so much. Now I can keep writing him. Semper Fi.
--Nannette D., Reno, NV

I received my order. I appreciate the quick response. The Welcome Home Party Invitations are lovely and of nice quality. The Patriotic Party Plates, Cups, Napkins Set with Tote and Tablecover exceeds my expectations. Thank you so much! Thanks also for the stickers, magnet, cutlery and pen. I will definitely recommend your Company.
--Judy P., Old Bridge, NJ

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with my stained glass blue star service flag. It honors my Marine son's service in a special way. Thank you for a quality product.
--J. Holls, Morgantown, WV

Aloha, I recently purchased, and received a Navy & USMC rhinestone pins. They are more beautiful than I thought they would be. I have a denim jacket that I have a small, but very special collection of patriotic pins on. These 2 will be a fabulous addition to display. My husband was in the Marines and my dad in the Navy. It was worth the wait. Much success to your company.
--Ronnie T., Hilo, Hawaii

Thank you, I just recieved my [USMC Rhinestone] pin and it is very beautiful. I also like the black pouch that came with it. I will wear it proudly at my son's bootcamp graduation from MCRD . . . . Thanks again for the fast delivery!
--Delia G., Long Beach, CA

I received my order today...Thank You so much! I loved the cards, they are of such nice quality. Also, Thank you for the stickers & magnet...what a special treat. I will definately refer your website to others. Thank you for the excellent service.
--Rebecca W., Huntington Beach, CA

The quality of your cards and gifts, the pictures and verses, show that you truly care about our veterans and our current military personnel and their families. You are to be congratulated for filling an important need with such dedication. The array of choices is great. You have thought of everything and everyone! Thanks.
--T. Gregory, Renton, WA

"We are so proud to present one of your condolence cards to a soldier's family. They are in such good taste and so compatible with the sentiments of ourselves as well as our organization. Thank you so much for helping us to reach families and friends of the fallen."
--Ginny Cola,
Fallen Heroes Memorial Foundation, Michigan

Thank you so much, I received my order very quickly I really appreciate your prompt attention to my order. The cards are absolutely beautiful, I have already given your website to several people, because I am extremely impressed with my order. Again thank you so much.
--Sandra W., Cedar Hill, TX

"You guys ROCK! Absolutely the fastest I've ever had a response to an online order - you are even faster than Nordstrom. Thanks."
--Liana M., Wenatchee, WA

". . . your line [of greeting cards] is the best I've seen so far! I've looked at others and they are either too cheesy or they slap an emblem on and leave the inside blank. Blah! The feedback I receive from your cards tells me I've made the right choice!"
--Maria E., San Diego, CA

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the great selection and service. . . . We adopt marines to send mail to on Your cards were a good way to start correspondence with these marines and to let them know how much they are appreciated."
--M. Allen, Lexington, NC

"Wow you are a good store! Thanks for signing this [card] for us."
--Cholly N., Lancaster, NH

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Christmas cards. I bought them to send to my fellow Marine Moms. The cards are beautiful and the verse inside is beautiful as well. Thank you for your wonderful products and extremely prompt service."
--Cassandra D., East Bend, NC
Proud Marine Mom

"To see the beautiful cards you included brought tears to my eyes. I just want you to know I will always have your email address in thought when I am at any function so the Friends and Family of any one serving will have the perfect cards and gifts to send to our guys and girls."
--M. E., New Castle, DE