Blue Star Service Flag Decal (1 star)

Blue Star Service Flag Decal (1 star)

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Product Description

This is a vinyl decal featuring the Service Flag with one blue star. Non-permanent self-adhesive, printed on waterproof, laminated, UV coated stock, this vinyl decal is generously sized almost 5 x 3.5.

Because they're easily removable, they are perfect for use on cars, RVs, motorcycles, trucks and boats! Show your pride in your family members who are serving our country!

When purchasing a service flag decal, please respect the following regulations applicable to the service star flag: Department of Defense regulations authorize the following family members of a servicemember to display a service flag in a residential window for the duration of a war or hostilities: wife, husband, mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, half-brothers, half-sisters, foster parents in loco parentis, and parents or children through adoption. For the service flag to be displayed by a family member it is not necessary that the servicemember be stationed overseas or deployed to the theater of hostilities. All active-duty members of the United States Armed Forces participate in the defense of our Nation regardless of their duty station. Accordingly, their family may display the service flag, and by extension, use the service star decal.
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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 DOD Regs concerning display of Blue Service Star, 1.6.2011
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Please be aware that, in addition to family members, coworkers may also display the service flag to honor a serving member of their organization. See below DOD reference: C10.3.2.2. The Service flag may be displayed by an organization to honor the members of that organization serving in the Armed Forces of the United States may be engaged, for the duration of such period of war or hostilities. (originally posted 4/1/2010) Staff Response: You're absolutely right! A business or organization may display a service banner to honor its emplyees or members who are serving. We thank you for the contribution. (originally posted 4/1/2010)


5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Blue Star Lapel Pin-Horizontally or Vertically, 1.6.2011
Reviewer: (, )

We have a new service person in the family and were given this pin. I see the banner is hung vertically, how is the lapel pin supposed to be worn? Thanks! (originally posted 8/26/2010) Staff Response: Congratulations! We hope your servicemember succeeds in all of his or her missions. As for the pin, it is to be worn horizontally, as we show in the picture on the pages for pins. The decal could probably be shown either way, but should best be in the vertical position. (originally posted 8/26/2010)