Banga Banga (Set of 10 Cards)

Banga Banga (Set of 10 Cards)

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Type: Package of 10 cards with 10 envelopes
Dimensions: approx. 7" x 5" (folded)
Cover: A six-panel cartoon depicting soldiers in training. The soldier in the first panel says "Gentlemen, because of budget constraints we won't be able to use blank ammunition during this FTX." The next panel he tells his troops "Therefore, in order to engage the opposing force, when you fire your weapon, the standard procedure will be to yell: Banga! Banga! Banga!" In the third panel a soldier is shown yelling "Banga! Banga! Banga!" and thinking "hmmm. He's still advancing, must not have heard me." In the next two panels it shows the soldier yelling Banga! Banga! Banga! again and again with the opposing force continuing to advance. In the last panel the first soldier raises his head and says "Hey man! I said: Banga! Banga! Banga!" The second soldier responds "Tank-a! Tank-a! Tank-a!"
Inside Verse: Hiya! Hiya!

Product Description

This is a funny card to give to troops who are in training or who are deployed.

This is a package of 10 cards for those who write to a lot of troops.

Originally published by Patriot Greetings.
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