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Shipping, Tax, Insurance & APO/FPO/DPO Shipping Issues:

COVID Shipping Notice: Please assume a 1-3 day order fulfillment time in addition to estimated shipping times. If your order is time sensitive and you need it in a hurry, please choose priority or express shipping at checkout.

COVID Customer Service: We will do our best in these difficult times to serve you. Please expect some delays, however, for both return phone calls and email replies. We also understand you may have delays in responding to us and we will likewise be patient with you.

How is my order shipped?

Your order will be shipped via USPS.  Shipping options and prices will be displayed during the checkout process. You may choose USPS Standard or USPS Priority. Shipping time estimates are estimates based on information provided by USPS and are not guaranteed by USPS or, LLC. Shipping estimates do not include time necessary to fill your order.

How quickly are orders shipped?

We ship Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only, except on postal holidays. We do our best to ship orders within one or two business days. Orders placed after noon on Fridays may not ship until Monday.

Orders containing personalized or custom products take extra time (see product description for details).

Orders paid with an eCheck via PayPal, do not ship until the eCheck clears.

For information about when we are closed for holidays, please visit our page on how to Contact Us and Business Hours.

How quickly will I receive my order?

How quickly your order will arrive depends on a number of factors:
  • the time of day you order,

  • the shipping method you select and your distance from Michigan We ship from Michigan. USPS Priority shipping usually takes 2 to 3 days. USPS Standard shipping can take 2 to 8 days or more depending on your location,

  • whether you are shipping to an APO/FPO/DPO address USPS estimates of transit time for Priority shipping is 7 to 13 days to the Middle East and 7 to 9 days for most other APO/FPO locations. USPS estimates of transit time for Standard shipping (parcel post) to the Middle East is 20 to 24 days, and transit to other areas can range from 18 to 45 days or more depending on the location. Please realize that these are estimates only and that many things may happen to packages in transit to military addresses, especially those sent to war zones. We strongly urge customers shipping to military addresses to purchase insurance.,

  • your payment method We do not ship orders paid by eCheck until your eCheck clears our bank,

  • and whether you ordered personalized or customized products. Please see the product page for such item(s) to see the additional processing times.

Your Responsibility to Ensure Correct Contact Information

It is your responsibility to make sure that your shipping, billing and email addresses are correct. Failing to do so may delay fulfillment of your order or cause your order to be shipped to an incorrect address. (Yes, we have had customers input incorrect house numbers, streets, cities and zip codes.) The USPS Address Verification System we use is able to catch and correct many of these errors, but may not catch all of them.

We are not responsible for misdelivered orders when you provide an incorrect shipping address. If we have reason to think that the address you have provided is missing information or has incorrect information we will contact you for clarification. To prevent delays in receiving your order, however, please review your order confirmation promptly and contact us if you have typos in the shipping or billing information you provided.

We are also not responsible for a failure to communicate via email if you provided an incorrect email address. Please review your order as soon as possible for errors in your email address. Our order confirmations are sent automatically and immediately upon placement of your order. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order, it is most likely due to a typo in your email address, a full mailbox, or delivery of the confirmation to your junk mail box. Please check your email inbox and junk mail box and contact us as soon as possible if you did not receive a confirmation email.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are shown at checkout once you enter your shipping address and select your shipping method. Shipping charges depend on a number of factors:

  • the shipping method you select (USPS Standard or USPS Priority),

  • your location (The USPS has added distance as a factor in their pricing),

  • and the subtotal of the products you order. Our shipping charges are based in part on the subtotal of your order.

USPS shipping charges are also based on the dimensions of the shipping carton. However, because each order is different and we cannot foresee such costs, they are not included in your shipping charges. The very few over-sized items we carry that always generate such additional shipping charges have an upcharge built into the price of the product to cover this additional USPS charge.

We reserve the right to upgrade your shipping choice to USPS Priority mail at our discretion. When we do so, you are not charged extra.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

Yes! We gladly ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses for you at no extra charge. You are responsible for entering an accurate, current address.

When we ship your orders to APO/FPO addresses for you we will take care of all the US Customs forms for you!

If you will be requesting us to ship an order directly to your servicemember's APO/FPO address during the Christmas holidays, please place your order at least 2 to 3 extra days before the holiday deadlines (see below). Remember, shipping times do not include the time it takes us to fill your order.

How far in advance should I order cards and gifts to be sent to troops overseas?

We recommend that you place your order for holiday cards and gifts or special occasion cards and gifts at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the event to ensure they arrive in time. During the Christmas season, you may want to order at least 6 to 7 weeks in advance--that's as early as November 1st if you will be having items sent to your address for inclusion in a package you send yourself.

The USPS Holiday deadlines are to ensure delivery of cards and packages by Christmas, December 25th. We will ship to APO/FPO addresses for you if you place your order after these deadlines, but your package will not arrive by Christmas. The USPS Holiday Deadlines are:

Parcel Post deadline          Nov 12

Priority Mail deadline          Dec 10  (Dec 3 for Iraq & Afghanistan)

First Class Mail deadline    Dec 10  (Dec 3 for Iraq & Afghanistan)

Do you ship to foreign countries?

We ship only to domestic U.S. addresses and military APO/FPO addresses, as well as diplomatic DPO addresses, all of which are considered domestic addresses regardless of which foreign country is involved. At this time, we do not ship to foreign addresses.

Tax Issues:

Do you collect sales tax?

We will charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for all orders to be sent to addresses in the state of Michigan. If the volume of our sales shipped to any other state subjects us to their new sales tax withholding laws, we will collect such sales tax, which will be shown at checkout. We otherwise shall not be responsible for any sales, use, or other type of tax on orders shipped to any other state.

Handling Fees:

Do you impose handling charges? No. We never impose handling charges.

Insurance Issues:

What is your risk of loss/insurance policy?

All items that you purchase are made pursuant to a shipment contract. Upon our delivery of the item or items to the carrier (USPS), all risk of loss and title for the item or items passes to you. By requesting us to ship merchandise to a military or diplomatic address (APO/FPO/DPO), you acknowledge that it may be delivered to a war zone and may not arrive promptly, at all, or intact.

We package orders very well. However, we cannot prevent a carrier from abusing your order once we ship. For your convenience during online checkout, various insurance options are provided based on the amount of your order for both USPS Priority and USPS Standard shipping. Charges are based on the rates set by the US Postal Service (USPS).

If you select a shipping option without insurance and your item(s) are damaged they will NOT be replaced nor will refunds be given. If you are purchasing fragile items (Christmas ornaments, glass products, etc.), we strongly urge you to select a shipping option with insurance. We do not question customer decisions regarding insurance, whether you choose a shipping option with or without insurance. If you change your mind about your insurance decision, you must contact us immediately and prior to us filling and shipping your order. Insurance may not be added once we ship, nor may it be deleted once we ship. It is your responsibility to review your order prior to placing it and to review your order notification for errors and to contact us immediately if you want changes of any kind, including alterations to your insurance decision.

We reserve the right to self-insure. If we do so, the fee is the same as that charged by the USPS.

How do I make an insurance claim?

If your insured shipment sustains damage you must contact us to notify us of the damage. We will file a claim on the insurance for you provided you follow our instructions. In the subject line of your message, enter your order number and "insurance claim, damaged item". We will respond with instructions after we research your order. We may request that you send photos of the shipping carton and the damaged contents. We may also request that you keep all damaged product and the carton until further notice. Failure to retain the product and carton may impair your ability to receive a refund if the USPS requests to inspect them.

While awaiting the processing of an insurance claim via USPS, we may arrange for a replacement of the damaged item or require you to await our receipt of the proceeds of the insurance claim. If we require the latter, you may place another order pending our receipt of insurance claim proceeds. In such a case, we will credit you on the original order upon our receipt of the insurance proceeds. contact us for more information in such circumstances.

Please note: although lost packages are covered by the insurance, USPS tracking information showing delivery to your address is prima facie evidence that your package was actually delivered. Thus, insurance claims will not be accepted for lost packages where the USPS tracking shows delivery because insurance does not cover and USPS is not responsible for your package once it has been delivered. (It is not responsible, for example, for a "lost" package its system shows was delivered but which was subsequently stolen from your mailbox or other delivery location.)

Before contacting us about a lost package, please first ask all members of your household if they have your package, as well as nearby neighbors or apartment complex personnel. In over fourteen years of business we have yet to see an actually lost package.

Insurance claims may not be made for shipments that were not insured because you declined insurance.

If you are unsure whether damage was caused during shipping or the product has a defect, contact us for more information and further instruction.

Please do not ask to make a return of goods damaged during shipping. They will not be in saleable condition and so are not eligible for return. See our Returns Policy. An item damaged during shipping is processed only as an insurance claim, and only if you chose a shipping option with insurance when you placed your order.